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Now to make a guide. I said I wanted the gear to move back along an arc path. So, I'll make a simple arc using the line tool. Even though you can see the guides in the flash interface and on the stage, they will be invisible in the flash movie. Guides are best used with lines and not shapes, but it's possible to use just about any drawing tool as a guide. Your object will just stick to the edge of a shape, but will follow a line in a more definite way. Use the line tool, the Bezier Line tool, the pencil tool, or even the outline from the cirle or square tool will work.

Com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial I added some more things for the final, kids, a ladder, the shadow for the big slide. The final can be seen in the image at the beginning of this tutorial. Its worth noting as well that not everything needs to be perfect in chopping either. I didn't make a shadow for the new monkey bars, nor did I attempt to correct perspective on the body of the slide. So keep perspective in mind next time your chopping! com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial Gender Bending By CCZ Paginated View A few people had asked me how I did some of the work on Reese Witherspoon in Gender Bending 3.

The whiskers were added in the same way as the fur strands, with a one pixel brush at about 50% opacity but with a longer quick stroke. I added a black background to make it easier to see the finished fur. com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial In this case, with the longer more defined fur, all of it will be rendered in. Page 7 Using the same approach for background removal, a soft eraser brush or masking if you prefer, remove the existing background and all areas of fur where the old background was evident.

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