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Comic strip duo make analyzing a voyage via gruesomeness - extra attention-grabbing than the typical reference book.*Gruesome evidence are renowned on radio, television and in ebook format.*Appeals to folks because it encourages youngsters to widen their reading.*Children will take pleasure in telling family and friends approximately their analyzing.

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Qxd 28/6/07 12:27 pm Page 44 44 1001 Gruesome Facts Tiny, fiery hot chillies used in Thai cooking are known as phrik khii nuu – mouse-dropping chillies. Charles Darwin was president of The Glutton Club at Cambridge University. He and his friends would meet to taste ‘strange flesh’, including hawk, bittern and owl. Pocari Sweat is the name of a Japanese soft drink that is grey in colour. Mmmm, tempting! The French cheese Époisses de Bourgogne is so stinky that it is banned from being taken on public transport in France.

Because it looks similar to edible mushrooms, it accounts for 50 per cent of all mushroom-poisoning cases. Symptoms include coma, jaundice and even death. The edible part of a jackfruit is surrounded with sticky, white latex goo that clings to the fingers. Those in the know oil their hands before preparing one! qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 53 53 Indian delicacy Bombay duck is, in fact, dried lizardfish. It’s also known as bummalo and is so pongy that it has to be transported in airtight containers!

Muscular and respiratory paralysis (which is death, basically) can occur within hours of digestion. Butter and yogurt made from camel’s milk are light green. They taste like buttered chicken. Livermush is a popular product in the southern United States, made from pig’s liver, pig’s head and cornmeal. Brendan Brockbank won the World Pie-Eating Contest in Wigan, England, by wolfing down a humungous pie in just 37 seconds! qxd 12/6/07 9:37 am Page 43 43 Used chewing gum was auctioned online in 2004.

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