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T h e r e are m a n y kinds of switches. Some look like this. 44 45 2. How can a bell be connected with two dry cells so that it will ring? Use cotton-covered copper wire. Connect two dry cells together. Be sure you connect a positive terminal and a negative one. This is important because electricity goes from the positive to the negative. The positive terminal is in the middle and the negative one is on the outside. Connect a wire to a switch and to one of the terminals of one of the dry cells.

From which of these dishes will water evaporate first? Find a saucer, a water glass a n d a footed test tube or narrow-necked bottle. Put 2 tablespoonfuls of water in each of them. Place them side by side and let them stand. F r o m which one did the water e v a p o r a t e first? W h i c h one was second? Try to think of a reason why this happened as it did. You are right if you say the water evaporated from the saucer first because the air touched more of it. V 61 3. 62 Does wind help water to evaporate?

Place two small nails a b o u t V2 inch a p a r t in the cork. W r a p one of the loose wires a r o u n d one nail a n d the other loose wire a r o u n d the other. Now you place a very thin piece of iron pict u r e wire from one nail to a n o t h e r allowing it to touch t h e copper wire which is a r o u n d the nails. T h e picture wire must be t h i n n e r t h a n t h e c o p p e r wire. Close the switch and see whether the electric magnet works. M a k e the magnet stronger by placing another dry cell in the circuit a n d see w h e t h e r it works.

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