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Among other prints in Schongauer’s mature style is the stunning pair of the Annunciation, with Gabriel and Mary on separate sheets. These decoratively abstracted figures possess a refined metallic brilliance and subtle tone expressive of the particular nature of engraving that can only be called classic. Schongauer’s art, especially his prints, marks a milestone in the history of draftsmanship. Further Reading There is no book-length study of Schongauer in English. The paintings and engravings are most conveniently reproduced in the German edition by Julius Baum, Martin Schongauer 27 28 SCH O¨ N H U B E R (1948).

In 1814 the genius of Schubert was first manifest in Gretchen am Spinnrade, inspired by his reading of Goethe’s Faust. His first Mass, which included solos for a young woman friend, Therese Grob, and his first symphony appeared about this time and showed the influence of Franz Joseph Haydn. Schubert modeled his earliest songs, particularly the ballads, for example, Hage’s Klage (1811), after 35 36 SCHUBERT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORLD BIOGRAPHY those by Johann Rudolf Zumsteeg. Besides Gretchen, Schubert wrote five other Goethe songs that year.

19, 1828. Schubert’s meager estate and all his manuscripts were left by default to his brother Ferdinand, who, fortunately for posterity, worked ceaselessly to enlist the aid of publishers, editors, and conductors in having them published. In 1830 a subscription fund helped to raise money for a memorial stone over Schubert’s grave. ’’ Schubert’s closest friends were unaware of his achievement. A wealth of scholarly material has been devoted to the composer in recent years. Nobody, however, has done as much to correct the record as the great scholar O.

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