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On some new phenomena of chemical changes produced by electricity, particularly the' decomposition of the fixed alkalies, and the exhibition o f the new substances which constitute their bases; and on the general nature of alkaline bodies: Phil. , 1808, xcviii, 1-44; XI, v, 57-101; A C R , vi. * Tr. of Lavoisier, Elements of Chemistry, 1796, 213. ’ Dictionary of Chemistry, 1795, i, 105. * I, 1799,210. ‘ J. Calvert, Chem. News, 1866, xiii, 250-1. • G . F. , 1866, xiv, 25-7. ’ Dissertatio sistens observationes pkysicas et chemicas de electricitate et galvanismo, Tubingen, 1802.

1807, xxvii, 82. “ Encyclopaedia MetropoUtana, Mixed Sciences, 1830, ii, 187. , 1806, xiv, 94; 1806, xv, 50. N . AUgem. J. , 1805, v, 244. , 1806, xiv, 342. C . H. Wilkinson wrote Elemenu c f Galvanism in Theory and Practice. With a Comprehensive view of the First Experiments of Galvani to the Present TinUi, 2 vols. ; engr. piece, 12 plates (one coloured). PMl. , 1806, X X V , 57,130; Ann. , 1806, xxiii, 177. Opere, Florence, 1816, II, ii, 287-302. DAVY GALVANISM appeared’ , w hich were reported b y Andrew Crosse, o f T au n ton (d.

W ith pp. 507, 509, 511 interposed); in X I, 1840, iv (copperplates engraved b y W ilson L o w ry (Whitehaven, 1762-London, 1824), who had a good knowledge o f general science and prepared illustrations for m any scientific books). ^ A preface for a new ed. (which did not appear) was vm tten in 1813: X I , iv, pp. vii, xi. V I. , sep. p. ); 4 ed. 1827, repr. , A New Edition, with Instructions for the Analysis o f Soils, and Copious Notes, ^ Sketch of Mr. Davy's Lectures on Geology delivered at the Royal Institution.

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