New PDF release: A Mathematician’s Journeys: Otto Neugebauer and Modern

By Alexander Jones, Christine Proust, John M. Steele

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This ebook explores features of Otto Neugebauer's profession, his influence at the background and perform of arithmetic, and the ways that his legacy has been preserved or reworked in contemporary a long time, watching for the instructions within which the examine of the historical past of technological know-how will head within the twenty-first century. Neugebauer, greater than the other student of modern occasions, formed the best way we understand premodern technological know-how. via his scholarship and impact on scholars and collaborators, he inculcated either an method of historic study on old and medieval arithmetic and astronomy via specified mathematical and philological research of texts, and a imaginative and prescient of those sciences as structures of data and approach that unfold outward from the traditional close to japanese civilizations, crossing cultural barriers and circulating over an immense geographical expanse of the outdated global from the Atlantic to India.

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The latter approach, which Neugebauer evidently followed, was probably chosen by most listeners. After all, most of what Landau had to say could be found in his books, and he was a prolific writer. 30 For Landau’s lectures on transcendental functions, however, he compiled a glossary of technical terms used by Landau, setting these down next to comparable lists taken from two other standard texts, one written by Emile Borel, the other by Ludwig Bieberbach. Such a systematic working method—aimed at a comparative analysis of the technical vocabulary employed by three different authors—was surely most unusual for a young mathematician.

Neugebauer probably had even less exposure to this subject than Friedrichs; the course he took with Rosenthal in Munich was not likely to have touched on this abstract arithmetical approach to algebraic curves and Riemann surfaces. 18 His first talk on May 11th dealt with the notion of a basis for a field of algebraic functions; he spoke a second time on 22 June, presenting an overview of the foundations as well as some important problems in the theory of algebraic functions; finally, on 20 July he gave a talk that dealt with Weierstrass’s Lückensatz.

E. Rowe Swedish physicists, Oskar Klein and Wilhelm Oseen. Later that year, they would honor him again when the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that Bohr would be the next recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics. If Otto Neugebauer attended these lectures, which is more than likely, the experience could well have clinched his decision to give up further study of contemporary physics. 19 Not only was it hard to hear from that vantage point, one also had to cope with the fact that Bohr tended to mumble.

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