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INTRODUCTION Laminated safety glass', see Figure I and Table I, is widely used in windshields for automotive and other vehicle applications; architecture applications, as in windows for skyscrapers: and bullet proof glass for military and security uses. Laminated safety glass consists of two or more glass sheets bonded by an interlayer of transparent, adherent plastic. The glass sheets in windshield laminates are made from either plate glass. 52 mm) The plastic interlaqer is made of a thermoplastic material.

And non-uniform distribution of adhesion levels, this level of agreement is encouraging. :I I 0 1 . 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Rvnmrl Numbsc Figure 1 1. Predicted and experimentally measured attenuation for the mode S I versus pummel ratings for laminated safety glass test samples. 42 Advances in Ceramic Armor IV Adhesive Bond Evaluation in Laminated Safety Glass Using Guided Wave Attenuation CONCLUSIONS The imperfect interfaces between the plastic interlayer and the two adjacent glass plates in laminated safety glass were modeled using a bed of longitudinal and shear springs.

Figure 4(a) shows the predicted impact region profile and damage contour for the projectile. 9mm for the bonded glass layers. Some damage is predicted for the projectile, but the damage values are less than 1 (red in contour). Again, since no damage is calculated with the simple I-parameter model, the predicted penetration plot in Figure 4(a) does not show any damage on it. For comparison purpose, the brittle material model #82 in EPIC'06 library for float glass is also used in modeling the monolithic glass target performance.

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