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Introduction.- Dynamics of Wing Structure.- The ventilation Model.- The regular country HStatic L answer of the Aeroelastic Equation.- Linear Aeroelasticity idea The Possio indispensable Equation.- NonLinear Aeroelasticity thought in 2 D Aerodynamics Flutter As LCO.- Viscous circulation Theory.-Optimal regulate thought : Flutter Suppression.- Aeroelastic Gust reaction

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58) F maps L2 Œ0; 1 into a proper subspace of L2 . 2 i /4 ! t/ t 0 I2 M lm 0 ! 62) which then yields an isometric group for 1 < t < 1. This should help answer the question of what happens as the beam length is infinite. Notes and Comments The wing model we use is perhaps the simplest. It represents an unswept wing so that it is rectangular; we neglect wing camber (see [18] for a detailed wing-shape description) and assume zero thickness. 46 2 Dynamics of Wing Structures The use of functional analysis is now common in applied mathematics but has yet to reach engineering and there is a disconnect here at present.

This is studied in Chap. 8. 6 Nonfixed Wing Models: Flying Wings Free–Free Articulated Beam Model We again consider the basic uniform Goland model, but it is no longer attached at one end point to the fuselage; it is simply a flying wing. Both ends are free, FF. Hence we use the matrix Qf in what follows. But it is articulated with discrete masses placed along points (nodes) on the beam. This is typical of the recent Helios UAV Flying Wing. See [81]. Such a model for a fixed-wing aircraft was also considered earlier by Goland and Luke [77].

7). 3. 4) Note that we need three equations: conservation of mass, conservation of momentum, and conservation of energy. All are expressed in differential form rather than in integral form. This makes it possible to state the dynamic boundary conditions crucial for aeroelasticity. 5) Dt or the flow is homentropic [14]. Note that: p T S are thermodynamic state variables any one of which is determined by the other three. 6) p Isentropic Flow A flow is said to be isentropic if S D constant in t; x; y; z: Homentropy does not imply isentropy.

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