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METHODS SbMatrix() SbMatrix(float a11, float a12, float a13, float a14, float a21, float a22, float a23, float a24, float a31, float a32, float a33, float a34, float a41, float a42, float a43, float a44) SbMatrix(const SbMat &m) Constructors. void setValue(const SbMat &m) Sets value from 4x4 array of elements. void getValue(SbMat &m) const const SbMat & getValue() const Returns 4x4 array of elements. void makeIdentity() Sets matrix to be identity. static SbMatrix identity() Returns an identity matrix.

This is done by projecting the window coordinate as a 3D vector onto a geometric function in 3-space, and computing the intersection point. Most projectors actually compute incremental changes and produce incremental rotations and translation as needed. Projectors are used to write 3D interactive manipulators and viewers. METHODS virtual SbVec3f project(const SbVec2f &point) Apply the projector using the given point, returning the point in three dimensions that it projects to. 0]), with (0,0) at the lower-left.

Void insert(void *ptr, int addBefore) Inserts given pointer in list before pointer with given index. void remove(int which) Removes pointer with given index. int getLength() const Returns number of pointers in list. void truncate(int start) Removes all pointers after one with given index, inclusive. void copy(const SbPList &pl) Copy a list. SbPList & operator =(const SbPList &pl) Assignment operator; copies list into this list. 46 Open Inventor C++ Reference Pages S b PL i st void *& operator [ ](int i) const Returns pointer with given index.

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