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Evolutionary theory suggests, then, that those species that were once similar may have changed over geologic time. 8. Density differences at convergent boundaries create the processes and features of these boundaries. A trench is formed where more dense oceanic crust subducts beneath less dense oceanic or continental crust. Further, this density drives the slab to subduct into the asthenosphere, thus triggering melting that creates volcanism at the surface. This volcanism is driven by density differences of hot, buoyant magma and cool, relatively less dense lithosphere.

Plagioclase Feldspar. f. Clay. 8.

The best distinguishing property is that dilute acid will quickly and actively effervesce on the surface calcite, but will not (or will very weakly) fizz on dolomite, unless the surface is powdered. 54 © 2014 Pearson Education, Inc. 3. 1 for possible answers: EYE ON EARTH EOE #1 SUPER PIT, KALGOORLIE, AUSTRALIA 1. Underground mining does not disrupt the landscape as dramatically as open pit mining, thus having less effect on the surface environment. Surface mining changes the topography of the landscape and often displaces wildlife habitats.

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